Available Pieces

Some of the work seen here is in stock and available for immediate shipment. Please call or e-mail me for details.

All the furniture seen on this website can be customized both in size and different woods. If you have an idea for a piece and you don’t see it here, please contact me. I enjoy creating unique designs that fit in a particular context while working with clients and designers.

The Commissioning Process

Initial Contact

An interested client-to-be might have seen my work at a gallery, craft show or on this website. He or she should then contact me so that we may discuss the desired piece, scheduling of work and budget. We then proceed to the design phase.


Design is the next phase of the process. Using the guidelines discussed in the initial contact, I design a version of the desired piece, send it to the client, and then contact him or her to discuss it. There is a fee for this process determined by the amount of time that it takes to design the piece. The minimum design fee is $300 and it can range up to $1,000. The entire design fee is deducted from the deposit made on the commissioned piece. See Payment, below. If for any reason the commission is not executed, the design fee is forfeited.

Making the Piece

Once the client approves the design and makes the initial deposit, I reserve studio time to make the piece. Completion of the piece depends on the complexity of its design and my other current commitments. The entire process can take up to nine months.


A deposit of 50% of the piece price, less the design fee, is due on each piece at the time of commission. The contract for the commission is made at the time of this deposit. I cannot order materials for the piece or reserve studio time to make it until I receive the deposit. The remainder of the price is due on delivery.