Artist statement


 I came to design furniture through the making process. Wood, a material of great character, depth and warmth, drove my curiosity. It was the romance that got me. Laboring in a dimly lit shop with the intoxicating smells of freshly cut walnut wafting through the air, creating objects of sheer beauty and function that will be set out in the world and revered by their owners and their posterity. The romance still sustains me to this day even if the reality is somewhat different and more complex.

I have learned the traditions of fine craftsmanship and the skillful use of hand tools: the importance of starting with material that is square and true, how to maintain a razor-sharp edge that yields a perfect shaving, and creating joinery that has the structural virtue to stand the test of time. I have gained an understanding of wood as a living thing, one that changes with the seasons and climate. It is with the confidence of this knowledge that I set out to design furniture with structural and philosophical integrity.

My interest is to design furniture that is simple, direct and honest. I attempt to create elegance informed by design: a harmonious play of line, proportion, surface and space. I strive for visually strong and confident forms that maintain a delicate, airy, and open quality. The marriage of these seemingly incongruous attributes yields an inner peace where the elements enhance one another.

Wood intrigues me. I find it deep, rich, and full of character. At times it is easily malleable; and other times it can be hard and unforgiving. Often the wood I have chosen dictate an overall form. Some woods have strong grains and require strong forms to maintain balance.

Others are more subtle and require the use of delicate lines and shapes. To add depth and play to a design, I often combine rare woods of strong figure such as burls, curls and flecks with those of more common grain patterns. On occasion I incorporate contrasting materials such as slate and granite into designs to counterbalance the wood.

Commissioned pieces are elegant solutions. Together, my clients and I define parameters that the design of a piece is to fulfill. These parameters are often a springboard for new ideas and forms. In this process a design is created that, when consummated, fulfills the client's desires. Combining my visions with my client's expectations contributes to the evolution of the philosophy of my design.